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Hire Velocity Participates in Driver Job Fair

The transportation industry has experienced a surge in job openings over the past … Read more »

H-1B or L-1 Petition Denied? Don’t Waste Time Appealing To the Administrative Appeals Office

Many businesses sponsoring H-1B specialty occupation worker or L-1 intra-company … Read more »

If You Haven’t Already, It’s Time To Add Sexual Orientation and Trans-gender To Your Discrimination Policy

On its face, federal law does not list sexual orientation or trans-gender status … Read more »

COMPLIANCE UPDATE: 15 for ’15: Employment and Labor Resolutions for the New Year

While the year is still young, here are 15 New Year’s resolutions that employers … Read more »

COMPLIANCE UPDATE: 10 Lessons Employers Can Learn From FLSA Lawsuits

The volume of collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") … Read more »

N.A.L.A. Video Features HV Chairman, John West, and CSM, Kathryn Fouse

HV Chairman, John West, and Client Services Manager, Kathryn Fouse, are featured … Read more »

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