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What is a “direct threat” to health or safety under the ADA?

Most employers understand that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits … Read more »

Equal pay owed for “substantially equal” job duties, regardless of job title

Under the Equal Pay Act (“EPA”), form matters over substance. As the employer … Read more »

Looking At Angles Of Liability After A Cyberattack

All employers have personnel data on their information technology systems and devices. … Read more »

The 2016 Federal Budget: targeting independent contractor misclassification as part of the “fissured workplace”

The President released his Fiscal Year 2016 Budget today, February 2, 2015. In furtherance … Read more »

2015 employer policy and procedure review – confidentiality, civility, and other rules

The NLRB has widely attacked employer policies and rules and ordered employees reinstated … Read more »

Don’t Get Snowed In by Snow Day Pay Questions

Like it or not, the winter is upon us, and around here winter usually means snow … Read more »

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