Blockchain & Crypo Currency Recruiting

You may have heard family, friends and co-workers (guilty as charged) talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. People are running to invest in digital currencies like bitcoin, but what does it all mean? It’s time to answer the questions. What is Blockchain?...

Contract Recruiters – What You Need to Know

What’s your go-to solution when you need to hire new talent quickly? If it’s working with a staffing agency, then you know that 20 – 30% commission fees can send your hiring costs through the roof. To avoid paying those high fees, many companies continue recruiting...

Sales Recruiting – Recruiting & Hiring

It’s not realistic to think that every great salesperson on your team will stick around until they retire. Turnover happens. People jump ship for all kinds of reasons and unfortunately, the demand for top performers far outpaces supply. The bad news for your hiring...

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