Title: Client Services Manager

Field: Healthcare Recruiting

Job Description: Kathryn manages a recruiting team, working to match clients with ideal employees for open positions. She keeps a close eye on position requirements in order to supply exceptional talent for specific job openings, maintains a close relationship with clients in order to remain up-to-date on their needs and wants, and acts as point person for her team as they collect data, create reports, communicate with current clients, and solicit new accounts.

Specifics of the Healthcare Recruiting Field: As a healthcare recruiting professional, Kathryn helps provide essential staff for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and home-based care providers. Her background in managing a doctor’s office and recruiting for an in-home care company have given her a unique perspective on the healthcare recruiting field, enabling her to anticipate the needs of clients while matching them with qualified job candidates.

Goals: In the short-term, Kathryn’s primary goal is to provide each client with an ideal candidate for the position they need to fill. That means identifying the ins and outs of the position, understanding the company’s work atmosphere, grasping the needs and wishes of the client, and the identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each job candidate. She works with 5-10 clients at any given time, interacting with both companies and team members to get the job done.

Long-term, Kathryn would like to see her position grow into a senior level position, with greater business responsibilities in addition to client relations.

Why She Loves Her Job:  “I enjoy knowing that what we do here is creating a paycheck for others – not only our employees, but the employees of our clients that we have helped to place.” As a detail-oriented person, Kathryn also enjoys meeting daily and weekly goals, maintaining an organized approach to recruiting, and keeping a close eye on the particulars of her job.

How She Benefits the Company: Kathryn maintains close relationships with each of her clients, enabling other positions within the company to do their jobs more effectively. By keeping a close eye on the needs of individual clients, she makes it possible for other positions to better meet those needs, creating a positive experience for both the client and the company.

Personal Interests: When she’s not in the office, Kathryn enjoys reading, camping, spending time at the park, and being Mom to her two-year old son.

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