Keys to Hiring Top Talent in Today’s Critical Talent Shortage

What matters most when you’re choosing a doctor?  From the patient’s perspective, that’s a relatively simple answer.  You want someone who knows what they’re doing (skill) and who treats you well (culture).  Both considerations are important, and either one can make or break your experience.

From a recruiting perspective, those same two considerations still carry the most weight.  But finding talent with the right qualifications isn’t easy.  A shrinking supply of qualified talent coupled with increasing demand for key roles has created significant hiring challenges for the healthcare industry.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. A Birds-Eye View of Healthcare Recruiting
    • The Top Ten Fastest-Growing Healthcare Jobs
    • Which Jobs are Hardest to Fill?
  3. Why Hiring Is Tough in the Healthcare Industry
  4. 9 Keys to Hiring Qualified Healthcare Talent
  5. Conclusion 

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