How to Recruit, Hire and Deploy Qualified Security Clearance Professionals

There’s a war on in the talent marketplace, but it’s not the one you may be familiar with.  This war isn’t about finding people with the right skills and experience to fill high-demand positions.  It’s tougher than that.  In this war, candidates need the right credentials and the right security clearance that allows them to handle sensitive, classified information.

In this paper, we’ll show you how to design a successful talent acquisition strategy for clearance professionals.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Surveying the Security Clearance Landscape
    • Who needs a security clearance?
    • What types of security clearance are there?
    • How are clearances awarded?
    • Active vs. Inactive Clearances
  2. Security Clearance Labor Market
    • Demographics of Supply
    • Demographics of Demand
    • Hiring Difficulty
  3. Trends In Clearance Compensation
    • Lowest Price Technically Acceptable
    • Changing Workforce Demographics
    • Compensation by the Numbers
  4. Clearance Recruiting and Hiring Strategies 
    • OFCCP Programs and Diversity
    • Government Proposals and Contract Recruiting
    • Building Your Clearance Recruitment Strategy
  5. Security Clearance Glossary

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