Business Services

Drive Growth With Exceptional Talent & Outsourced Recruiting Solutions

The business services sector faces an average time to fill of 55 days, the highest among U.S. industries. Fierce competition for talent demands an aggressive and strategic approach to securing high performing leaders and employees with a strong personal brand that underscores your business integrity. Candidates must possess both domain expertise and the motivation and communication skills needed to address client business challenges with robust solutions.

Hire Velocity partners with you to attract high performers to your organization with tailored outsourced recruiting solutions and executive search solutions designed to attract thought leaders and creative intellects that will drive organizational growth.

Employer Branding and Talent Advisory Solutions to Engage and Retain

With a turnover rate of nearly 15%, the business services sector requires a branding strategy designed to both engage and retain. Positioning your organization as an industry thought leader means appealing to both clients and candidates with a strong employer brand that clearly communicates your organizational purpose and values.

We partner with you to sharpen your brand image and develop workforce solutions that will attract the most motivated and creative minds while also ensuring cultural fit. Our seasoned recruiting professionals possess deep knowledge of your industry and of the talent market, giving you the competitive edge you need to attract, engage, and retain top level talent who can serve clients with innovative strategies to address pressing business challenges.

How to Calculate Your Cost Per Hire [Free Calculator!]

How much does it cost to hire a new employee? Nationwide, the average cost per hire (CPH) exceeds $4,000, and that number doesn’t include associated costs such as training, loss of institutional knowledge, or hours spent interviewing on the part of non-HR staff....

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FREE eBook – Overcoming the Nursing Shortage

Did you know that the nursing profession is growing faster than any other occupation in the United States?  By 2022, the U.S. will employ more nurses than any other profession, and filling the need will require 1.1. million additional nurses in roles that span the...

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