Cyber Security Recruitment

Evolving Cyber Threats Demand Exceptional Cyber Security Talent

Recent estimates place the cyber security (also known as cybersecurity or InfoSec) talent shortage at more than one million job openings, with 82% of Information Technology (IT) decision makers expressing concerns about the skills shortage, according to McAfee. Their concern is well founded. Today’s cybercrime threats range from assaults by individual hackers to coordinated attacks on the part of nation states. They include analytics-based phishing and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, global data sabotage initiatives, and intelligent malware and ransomware designed to learn your network’s weaknesses and exploit them.

Hackers have proven relentlessly agile, and cyber security professionals must possess the skills and adaptability to outwit them at every turn. That’s why 70% of hiring managers have plans to increase their cyber security workforce, based on Frost & Sullivan research; cyber security recruitment is critical. The problem is that more than half of open positions take at least three months to fill, and 27% of companies say they can’t fill their cyber security positions at all, according to ISACA.


How Cyber Security Recruitment Outsmarts Your Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

To develop a well-executed security protocol, your organization needs Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with a high-level understanding of strategy that looks beyond individual threat incidents and views the IT landscape as a whole. You need board members and cyber executives who will support new security initiatives designed to address both current and emerging threats. And you need talented data scientists, software engineers, cyber security engineers, security consultants, and IT personnel who can implement strategy.

At Hire Velocity, our experienced team of information security recruiters works with you to develop a sophisticated multi-pronged approach to identifying, hiring, and retaining the talent you need to address cyber threats. We help you hone your strategic cyber hiring goals, and we draw on our extensive network of technology talent and our large, proprietary candidate database to fill your open positions. We also work with you to meet the specific requirements of your organization, whether you’re seeking to fill a position that requires security clearance or an executive role that demands deep strategic insight.

Cyber Security Recruiting Solutions

Hire Velocity serves your organization with the IT security recruiting know-how, industry connections and job market intelligence to identify the best and brightest talent in the market, both for companies specializing in cyber security and those seeking to fill cybersecurity roles in other industries. Our cyber security recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions, talent advisory offerings, and cyber security search strategies align your people priorities with sustainable talent acquisition solutions.

Your two most important assets are your people and your data. At Hire Velocity, our custom recruiting solutions help you protect them both.

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