Technology Recruitment

Securing Your Competitive Edge With Tech Talent

Today’s companies face a war for IT talent that will determine the success or failure of growth initiatives. The tech talent market is among the most competitive job markets today, with tech employment growth expected to reach 13% by 2026 and growth for specific positions poised to soar even higher, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Competition for skilled software engineers, Java and C++ developers, tech support personnel, big data analysts, AI engineers, and technology leadership demands sophisticated workforce solutions to attract and retain quality tech talent.

At Hire Velocity, we partner with you to identify and secure top IT talent using our unique blend of industry specific knowledge, innovative recruiting strategies, and industry-leading technology recruiting and sourcing tools. We have served clients spanning the spectrum of business evolution, from lean Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 100 and 500 technology and software companies. Our tech recruiters understand the technical skills you need, and we offer proven, dynamic IT recruitment solutions to meet those needs.

Customized IT Recruitment Solutions to Help You Win the War for Talent

Tech industry unemployment rates consistently remain well below average, creating fierce competition for qualified IT professionals who can meet business demands in cloud computing, software, systems and processes, digital evolution, communications, and IT services. Organizations need tech leaders who can grow the company through change and development as well as skilled tech talent to fuel that growth.

We solve your IT talent challenges with customized IT recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), executive search, and talent advisory solutions designed to align talent with your company culture and strategy. Deep knowledge of the industry coupled with innovative workforce solutions uniquely qualify us to help you win the war for tech talent by positioning your company to attract, retain, and develop high demand technology professionals in the competitive market.

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