College Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Tap Into Emerging Talent

By 2022, millennials will comprise almost 50% of the workforce, replacing baby boomers who are retiring at a rate of 10,000 every day. The students and recent graduates who are flowing out of our nation’s colleges and universities will be tomorrow’s leaders, making them some of the most desirable candidates on the talent market. Tapping into the promise of this emerging talent pool means adopting innovative recruiting practices that speak to the unique needs of young professionals, engaging them before the competition, and igniting their interest in a career with your organization.

College Recruiting Solutions

Hire Velocity’s proven recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and talent advisory solutions leverage strategic and innovative methodologies including employer branding, passive candidate recruiting, strong partnership networks with college recruiting organizations, and social strategies designed to attract interns, apprentices, and recent graduates.

At Hire Velocity, we are:


Specialists in college recruiting strategy



Experts in graduate sourcing strategy


Connected with college and university career centers nationwide


Knowledgeable in academic structure


Experienced in innovative sourcing strategies


In tune with the needs and desires of today’s most promising young workers

Develop Your Millennial Pipeline

Today’s young workers want more than a substantial paycheck. They want to work for a company that shares their values, engages their interest, and offers opportunities for growth. Nearly two-thirds of millennials would rather make $40k per year at a job they love than $100k per year at a boring job. That means employers need to do more than offer signing bonuses and swag.

At Hire Velocity, we help you establish a holistic recruiting strategy designed to attract the best and brightest young minds and develop a sustainable pipeline for high potential talent.

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