Will Technology
Replace RPO?

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Achieve New Heights

with exceptional human capital

Soar Above

with strategic workforce solutions

Break Away
from the Competition

by transforming recruiting into a competitive advantage

Fuel Your Growth

with tailored recruitment process outsourcing

Stand Out

with innovative workforce solutions

We are passionate about designing talent strategies that transform organizations, and make the impossible possible for our clients. By combining high quality delivery teams with the most advanced recruiting and social media tools, we utilize two of our greatest assets—our talent and technology – to discover, measure, maximize, and deliver results.
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Industry Recognition and Awards:

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“We’re so pleased with the results – closing positions left and right! The speed and efficiency at which Hire Velocity is working, not to mention the managers are seeing better quality candidates.”

Vice President

Healthcare Technology Company

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the Hire Velocity team’s recruiting efforts, attention to detail, quality of candidates, response times, availability, etc. Sourcing and recruiting is a process and must be executed correctly to achieve the desired results of hiring A-players. We have had a fantastic experience thus far working with the Hire Velocity team and are excited to continue the relationship.”

Vice President of Human Resources

Financial Services Firm

“Hire Velocity was a tremendous asset throughout the process and helped keep a sharp focus on our recruiting needs.”

Chief Financial Officer

Global Supply Chain Management Company

million candidates searched every year

general and niche job boards used for talent attraction

seasoned recruitment professionals throughout the United States

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Presentation Download – Will Technology Replace RPO?

Presentation Download – Will Technology Replace RPO?

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