Talent Acquisition Diversity Strategy

More Than a Numbers Game, Diversity Recruiting Delivers Key Strategic Advantage

Diversity in the workplace gives companies a powerful strategic advantage by harnessing the broad range of experience and interests inherent in the variety of backgrounds represented within the workforce. It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about creating a framework that leverages human intelligence to achieve business objectives, attract a wider pool of candidates, better utilize talent, increase workforce productivity, and enhance the creative potential of the organization.

At Hire Velocity, we emphasize a multi-faceted approach to diversity recruiting that encompasses executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) strategies, and talent advisory solutions designed to foster better business outcomes. From ensuring compliance with government regulations to developing and implementing internal company policies as part of your recruiting process, we will help you reach your diversity goals through targeted solutions and measurable initiatives.

Diversity in the Workplace: A Core Driver of Business Success

According to McKinsey & Company, companies with higher gender and racial diversity tend to realize better financial returns than national medians—up to 35% better for those in the top quartile as compared with those in the bottom quartile. In the United States, as racial and ethnic diversity on the leadership team increases, there is a corresponding increase in earnings.

In order to achieve those results, companies must move past playing the numbers game and focus on creating an environment that empowers every worker. From the leadership team to the entry-level hires, every level of the organization must embrace a sustainable culture of engagement that values all perspectives and provides opportunities for growth.

Attract, Retain, Engage: Creating a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Reaching your diversity goals involves more than simply filling positions. We start by assessing your business objectives and current hiring practices and then develop a customized diversity strategy and program designed to create a sustainable culture of diversity in the workplace. For some organizations, that means targeting critical skills gaps within a particular demographic, while others seek to create a workforce that mirrors the racial, ethnic, gender, and age, diversity of their customers.

Our customized solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization with:


Diversity sourcing and talent pooling


Succession planning and talent pipelining


Disability talent sourcing

Our solutions encompass more than simply attracting the right demographics. We help you determine ways to engage and retain top talent, creating a team of highly motivated, qualified individuals who will act as ambassadors for your brand and promote you as an employer of choice.

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