Marques Smith

Chief Operating Officer

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Marques Smith,
Chief Operating Officer


With more than 15 years of experience in financial management, Marques Smith contributes in-depth knowledge of financials, operations, and organizational leadership and development to the Hire Velocity team. Having worked in the corporate, government, and distribution sectors, he combines sharp financial insight with a broad perspective, enabling him to deliver high value results.

Before joining Hire Velocity, Marques was the president and co-founder of Atlanta-based BHS Hire. His responsibilities included development and implementation of the organization’s vision and mission, operations management, accounting, and government contract development and bid proposal.

Marques honed his financial skills as Budget Director at Georgia Public Defender Standards Council and as the CFO/Finance Director at Impellam North America. In these roles he managed financial operations, oversaw system conversions, and was responsible for revenue and receivables. His results-oriented, dedicated approach combined with proven organization, financial, and communication skills give Hire Velocity the financial leadership needed for success in the marketplace.

Marques previously served on the Board of Directors of World Water Relief, a non-profit organization focused on providing long-term sustainable water solutions to impoverished communities. Marques earned an undergraduate and master’s degree in Business Administration from Mississippi State University and a master’s degree in Accounting from Kennesaw State University.