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Employer Branding Holds the Key to Stronger Talent Attraction

Recent studies of employer branding reveal that a focus on branding objectives delivers strategic advantage and will continue to do so as organizations build their presence both locally and globally. The Harvard Business Journal reported that 80% of CEOs struggle to attract and hire the talent they need. Driving factors behind these statistics include increasingly discerning candidates and an influx of new ways to research potential employers. Companies must understand not only what it takes to attract the right talent, but also the high cost of inadvertently turning them away.

The strength of your organization depends on your ability to hire and retain the right talent. To accomplish that goal, you need an authentic, consistent message that communicates your distinctive strengths and values to employees and candidates. Hire Velocity works with you to evaluate and enhance your competitive reputation in the marketplace. Our employer branding process is designed to empower your talent strategy and help you achieve the following key objectives:

      • Attract high quality talent
      • Boost employee engagement
      • Increase retention rate
      • Address long-term recruitment needs
      • Build a world-class brand
      • Differentiate you from your competitors

Custom Branding Solutions for Your Business

Hire Velocity’s talent advisory team partners with your executive leaders, marketing team, and HR department to develop your brand strategy based on your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Our methodology includes a detailed evaluation of your current brand and awareness among target audiences, assessment of organizational strengths and reputation, targeted communication to build an authentic brand presence, and strategic engagement with current employees.

Our industry-specific knowledge and experience uniquely qualifies us to help you evaluate and strengthen your employer brand with the goal of attracting and retaining top talent. We will:

      • Assess and develop your EVP
      • Create a unified branding strategy
      • Organize proactive social media campaigns
      • Develop internal communication
      • Identify and resolve perception problems
      • Pinpoint gaps between your message and your brand experience
      • Hone customer-facing communications

Employer branding plays a key role in your talent strategy, helping you attract the right talent and keep your current employees engaged. As part of our total workforce solutions, our talent branding expertise gives you the tools you need to create a consistent brand message and communicate that message effectively.

Specific Branding Services

We offer a full range of branding services and solutions designed for your business. Examples of these services include:


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