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Transform Data Insights Into Optimal Talent Decisions

Quality people form the backbone of your business success. Remaining competitive in today’s market requires effective workforce strategies based on precise knowledge of your customers, employees, and competitors. You need to understand the behavior, profiles, and trends that enable you to attract talent across different geographic locations and key markets in order to make optimal talent decisions.

At Hire Velocity, we know that it’s not enough to collect data and map talent. Our market analytics and intelligence solutions combine volumes of data and statistics with actionable intelligence and business insight designed to help you reach your talent goals, mitigate risk, and position yourself as an employer of choice.

Are You Leveraging Your Data Effectively?

We live in a data-infused world. Streams of data flow through our workspaces every day, but that doesn’t always translate into better business decisions. Fewer than 10% of senior HR leaders are satisfied with the returns they receive on their talent analytics investments. Yet, research studies conducted by CEB Global found that strategic improvements to analytic impact can result in talent outcome improvements of 9%, with up to $12.8 million saved for every $1 billion collected in revenue.

The key is to leverage that data by prioritizing questions about human capital such as:

      • How do I understand and identify quality hires?
      • How does our workforce correlate with brand reputation and performance?
      • How will future skill shortages change our talent landscape?
      • How can I effectively attract diverse groups of people across differing cultures and economic environments?

We employ sophisticated measurement and analysis techniques to evaluate demographics, past performance, job history, compensation, mobility, and other metrics. We then use this data combined with business insight to drive deeper understanding of behavior and profiles and to identify high performance trends.

Insight-Based Solutions for Long-Term Talent Strategy

Our market intelligence and talent analytics solutions deliver the insight you need to understand the finer points of talent attraction across every geographic area in which you operate. As part of a broad RPO partnership or as a standalone service, we will:

      • Develop predictive analytics models based on scenario planning and integration with business and workforce governance
      • Identify scalable opportunities to make a measurable difference in your workforce
      • Create actionable intelligence models to inform your hiring decisions
      • Align hiring process with analytics goals

We work with you to create a highly customized analytics strategy incorporating:

      • Diversity planning
      • Market assessments
      • Competitor assessments
      • Demographic data
      • Job and position titles
      • Hiring indicators
      • Wage benchmarks
      • Long-term trend analysis
      • Microeconomic and macroeconomic research

Our market intelligence specialists blend both client and external data with clear guidelines for translating data insights into actionable decisions. We partner with you to interpret data and consider business implications to increase the quality of your shortlists and optimize business influence while informing your talent acquisition plan.

The most critical skills for business success are emerging and in short supply. Fierce competition for these skills creates a challenging talent acquisition landscape. We give you the intelligence and insight you need to drive smart, effective human capital decisions as part of a long-term talent strategy that delivers measurable results and real value.


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