Technology Evaluation

Invigorate Human Capital with Technology Innovation

Technology has the power to expand your growth exponentially by streamlining and automating the critical activities of your business. The evolution of technology often outpaces an organization’s ability to change, however, and that’s where penetrating technology evaluation meets effective workforce management. Human capital technologies can revolutionize the way you attract, recruit, retain, measure and develop your talent.

We possess a broad range of experience with talent acquisition, recruiting and HR technologies and we make it our mission to continually deepen our knowledge of existing market leaders and new disruptive technology startups. We are technology agnostic, giving us the unbiased insight you need to choose the technology that will match your industry and business requirements and transform how you engage with talent. Our technology evaluation solutions drive tangible business results – from engaging employees and candidates with company culture and employer branding applications to developing talent with cloud-based assessments.

As part of a broader RPO solution or as a standalone service, our technology experts will evaluate your technology platform and make recommendations regarding available technology solutions that fit your organization’s strategy, including:

      • Enterprise architecture and strategy
      • Workforce management roadmap
      • Applicant tracking systems
      • Sourcing platforms
      • Social recruiting applications
      • Talent attraction automation
      • Integration with back office legacy systems
      • Implementation
      • Training

From small diagnostics or relaunches to large-scale technology transformation, we will inform your technology decisions to drive true ROI and keep your hiring initiatives on time and on budget.


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