Federal, Defense & Aerospace Expertise

Exclusive Focus For High Impact in Federal Recruitment

Shrinking budgets combined with regulation changes, shifting markets, and the rise of global instability have created a fiercely competitive talent environment. With half of the public sector workforce approaching retirement, we understand the urgency to find, attract, and retain qualified talent for positions in the Federal, defense, and aerospace sectors. Our Federal recruitment team includes distinguished military veterans and tenured human capital specialists and is dedicated exclusively to supporting government contract work.

According to a study by Indeed, nearly 40% of government positions take more than 90 days to fill. At Hire Velocity, we work with you to reduce that time using our proven methodology, no matter how diverse or complex your requirements. We understand the hiring nuances required for even the most complex organizations with rigorous service level agreements, and we are committed to helping you meet those challenges.

Deep Solutions Incorporating Industry Nuances

Working side by side with contracting offices, program offices, prime contractors and suppliers, we are well versed in relevant policies and procedures:


Acquisition benchmarking and advisory


Bid and proposal preparation


Contracting solicitation and award processes


Associated contract documentation


Security clearance recruiting


Contract performance monitoring


Online procurement workflows

We offer onsite and virtual recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions, executive search strategies, and talent advisory partnerships designed to work for you throughout the recruiting lifecycle, from bid and proposal to sold and funded contracts. Utilizing established channels within government enterprise and talent markets, we employ our vital understanding of government practices and policies to ensure successful strategic implementation and results. Our team has the experience to design and deploy custom recruiting solutions based on the specific intricacies of Federal contracting processes and timelines.

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