As Manager of Revenue Operations, Brent Ludwig is a dynamic leader steering the growth of the sales team and forging client partnerships to tailor recruitment solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio encompassing internal analytics, forecasting, reporting, budgeting, and tech stack management, Brent is instrumental in driving operational excellence.

Embarking on his career in healthcare at Cigna, Brent honed his skills in contracting physicians and health systems, expanding provider networks, and optimizing member point-of-care options. Transitioning to SaaS roles in Chicago, he showcased expertise in GTM strategy, funnel visibility, and team leadership, achieving remarkable milestones.

Having successfully managed a business development team, Brent orchestrated its expansion to 14 members, setting unprecedented benchmarks in new meetings, qualified opportunities, and SDR-sourced new business. In his recent role as Director of Marketing Operations in the SaaS logistics domain, Brent played a pivotal role in launching innovative programs and shaping company objectives.

With an MBA in data analytics and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alabama, Brent uniquely elevates revenue operations to new heights.